CAMA LAW FIRM is a team of competent legal practitioners who came together in other to form a unique body full of wide competence in various field of legal practice. The firm was established by Barrister TIKU ELVIS TENJOH and Barrister Mountie Moumie Thomas Hyacinthe some few years ago and has evolved to be one of the best firms in business and corporate law practice, property law practice, debt recovery, maritime litigation, immigration law, mining law and intellectual property related matters;

The firm is composed of legal luminaries and consultants who have perused a great part of the African legal library and have been working hand in hand for the past years in Cameroon, Nigeria, CÔte d’ivoire, Mali, Congo Brazzaville, Ghana and Ethiopia. The firm has been providing services to world class companies in diverse fields of law and in different languages amongst which are English language, French language and German language;

The firm has specialized mostly in rendering legal services to foreign investors, we offer the best legal service and the techniques to adopt in order to be eligible to the fiscal incentives and reliefs available to them in order to emerge with their investments in metropolitan cities like Douala, Yaoundé, KRIBI, Lagos ,port Harcourt, Abuja, Abidjan, Bamako, Accra ,Addis Ababa, Brazzaville and Kigali, We are also vested with the ultimate remedial device in order to effect recovery of debts or any outstanding money lost out of a transaction